Highly energy focused charting package is the next step in the elevation of your trading activities.

Analytic is aware of energy units, integrates pricing and physical data for more thorough analysis, provides an option to drag data directly from multiple Innovez products and drop it to identify relationships and analyse historical trends.

Innovez Analytic package includes feature rich graphical trade analysis tools for trending and advanced technical data examination with high focus on energy trading data. Innovez FirstQuote price based commodity trading data as well as StatLink physical operational data can be charted in Analytic separately or against each other for more comprehensive graphs. It allows flexibility in selecting units, averages and time periods, along with the ability to stretch the axis and grab and move the graph providing dynamic data loading.


Features Include:

  • Energy focused charting
  • Energy formulas such as clean spark
  • Integration with real time pricing data
  • Units aware – kWh, p/Th, CVs, °C etc.
  • Custom formulas – user defined variables and expressions
  • Group charts into logical layouts, which can be saved for later use or for distribution to other graph users
  • Auto range and load


    Focused integration

  • Technical analysis – using a wide range of technical indicators
  • Annotations including channels, labels, Fibonacci retracements etc
  • Multiple chart modes: single data series charts, comparison charts and volume distribution charts
  • Different comparison modes: absolute, percentage change, difference and stacking
  • Integration with other Innovez products and custom databases

Innovez Analytic offers you highly focused on energy trading charts, allows to create custom formulas, integrates with Innovez products as well as with your internal databases and tools, and holds wide variety of technical indicators.